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The journal of the China association of comparative literature was jointly sponsored by the China association of comparative literature and Shanghai international studies university in 1984 ISSN 1006-6101 CN
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Current issue

Academic Frontier: Intermedia Studies of Literature and Art
Zhou Xian
Abstract29 PDF(1331KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 1–2
Ding Ersu
Abstract29 PDF(7131KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 2–12
That “paintings are signs” is a very controversial statement, but if we say that “paintings often make use of signs”, everyone see...
Werner Wolf, Pei Yali, Shan Jinqing
Abstract29 PDF(3911KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 13–37
After a brief discussion of the basic terms “medium” and “intermediality” as used in intermediality studies, the essay gives an ov...
Zhou Xian
Abstract29 PDF(1489KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 38–55
Laocoon, repeatedly cited and discussed in aesthetics and literary theory, involves the complex relationship between literature an...
Zhan Yuelan
Abstract29 PDF(1563KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 56–72
Comparative arts studies in the knowledge system of comparative literature is an important field in the American School of Compara...
Sino-Foreign Literary Relations
Li Yang
Abstract29 PDF(1499KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 73–88
As one of the most important translators of Rilke's poetry and poetics in modern China, Wu Xinghua has not been given due att...
Wu Fusheng
Abstract29 PDF(1363KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 89–104
“Morning dew” and “play” are two favorite metaphors of human life in Chinese and English poetry. They respectively embody some bas...
Peng Qian
Abstract29 PDF(1530KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 105–120
Italy is an important country for translating and circulating Mo Yan's works overseas. It has translated and published 10 Mo ...
Translation Studies
Xie Yunkai
Abstract29 PDF(1427KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 121–139
Stephen Owen is the translator of Du Fu's first full English version, and his Du Fu study is also an important part of his Ch...
Dong Xiaoxi
Abstract29 PDF(1281KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 140–149
Yang Changxi's Heiren Wenxue (African American Literature), published in 1933, is China's first scholarship on A...
Li Junguo, Zhou Yi
Abstract29 PDF(4226KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 150–167
This article takes an untitled forgotten English manuscript found in University of Southern California's “Ailing Zhang Specia...
Ren Ruwen
Abstract29 PDF(1471KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 168–178
The two editions of “A Return to the Frontier”, which spanned 20 years, are important bilingual texts written by Eileen Chang. The...
Du Lanlan
Abstract29 PDF(1349KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 179–193
Ever since Franco Moretti put forward distant reading in his 2000 essay “Conjectures on World Literature”, it has had great impact...
Zhang Moyan
Abstract29 PDF(1365KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 194–207
“Conjectures on World Literature” published by Franco Moretti at the beginning of this century has contributed much to the new wor...
Jiang Xiangyan
Abstract29 PDF(1390KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 208–211
Chen Li, Duan Feng
Abstract29 PDF(1363KB) (
2020, 0 (3): 212–218