The journal of the China association of comparative literature was jointly sponsored by the China association of comparative literature and Shanghai international studies university in 1984 ISSN 1006-6101 CN
  • 中国人文社科核心期刊
  • 中国学术期刊综合评价数据库来源期刊
  • 中文社会科学引文数据库来源期刊


1. CLC has authorized China Academic Journals (CD-ROM Edition) Electronic Publishing House to use its copyrights in digital compilation, digital reproduction, digital distribution, and information network dissemination.

2. All manuscripts submitted to CLC, if without a special statement, are considered to be freely available for collection, reproduction and online distribution in domestic and foreign abstract journals or databases after publication.

3. CLC neither charges any fee payable to publish or to review, nor authorizes any intermediary agent or individual to charge for soliciting manuscripts.

4. CLC only accepts the manuscript submitted by a single author, and the one submitted by two or more authors will not be reviewed. Duplicate submissions will be strictly prohibited in this journal, and violators shall bear all legal liabilities and consequences. The journal reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities of the related authors. is CLC’s only official site for submitting and reviewing manuscripts, and is the journal’s exclusive email, just confined to the editorial office to contact authors and reviewers. Any other fake website or submission and review system on behalf of CLC are not associated with this journal which hereby reserves the right to bring suits for any and all causes of their actions. 
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