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Comparative Literature in China ›› 2020, Vol. 0 ›› Issue (3): 105-120.

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Power and Symbolic Capital in Literature: Mo Yan in Italy

Peng Qian   

  • Online:2020-08-13 Published:2020-09-15



  • 作者简介:彭倩,博士,南开大学外国语学院讲师。研究方向:比较文学与世界文学,意大利语言及文学。电子邮箱。

Abstract: Italy is an important country for translating and circulating Mo Yan's works overseas. It has translated and published 10 Mo Yan novels. The translation of Mo Yan's works in Italy is systematic, continuous, organized and planned. Official institutions, large publishers and well-known Sinologists are the main promoters of translation. The development of Mo Yan's novels in the field of Italian literary production is governed by the rules of power field, and its symbolic capital dynamic development process has distinct characteristics. The paratext and peritext information of the Italian version of Mo Yan's novel reflects the catering of the field of Italian literature to the field of power. The cover design mostly adopts photographic images that are in line with Western expectations of Orientalism. The Italian authoritative evaluation system's comments on Mo Yan reflect the penetration of power in the field of literature. The actors are influenced by the position structure and habits in the field, and are more enthusiastic about discussing the political factors outside the literature. The spread of Mo Yan in Italy is a process of reaching consensus on the interests of multiple parties in the cultural field. Critics, translators, publishers, awarding organizations, Mo Yan himself and other capital occupants interact with each other in a complicated way, and they together promote the production, flow, accumulation and appreciation of Mo Yan's symbolic capital in the field of Italian literature.

Key words: Mo Yan and Italy, Symbolic capital, Power, Paratext

摘要: 意大利是海外译介和传播莫言作品的重要国家,目前已译介出版10部莫言小说。莫言作品在意大利的译介整体呈现出较强的系统性、连续性、组织性及计划性,官方机构、大型出版社及知名汉学家群体是译介的主要推动者。莫言小说在意大利文学生产场域中的发展受到权力场规则辖制,其象征资本动态发展过程具有鲜明特点。莫言小说意语版的副文本信息反映出意大利文学场域对权力场域的迎合,封面设计大多采用符合西方对东方主义期待的摄影图片。而意大利权威评价体系对莫言的评论则体现出权力在文学场域中的渗透,行动者受场内位置结构与惯习影响,较热衷于讨论文学场外的政治因素。莫言在意大利的传播是文化场域中多方话语利益达成共识的进程,评论家、译者、出版社、评奖机构及莫言本人等多种资本占用者以复杂的方式彼此交叉互动,共同促成了莫言在意大利文学场域中象征资本的生产、流动、累积和增值。

关键词: 莫言和意大利, 象征资本, 权力, 副文本