The journal of the China association of comparative literature was jointly sponsored by the China association of comparative literature and Shanghai international studies university in 1984 ISSN 1006-6101 CN
  • 中国人文社科核心期刊
  • 中国学术期刊综合评价数据库来源期刊
  • 中文社会科学引文数据库来源期刊

About journal

Comparative Literature in China, a quarterly created in 1984 and the only journal of comparative literature in mainland China, is co-published by Chinese Comparative Literature Association and Shanghai International Studies University. Its potential readership is literature majors of universities, researchers in institutes of social sciences, and other literature readers.

Comparative Literature in China concerns itself with the cross-cultural studies of literary theories, movements, schools, writers and works; the comparative literature studies with Chinese characteristics; studies of literary relationship between China and other countries, translation studies, cross-disciplinary studies, comparative literature teaching studies; latest development of comparative literature studies and publication both in China and other countries. Comparative Literature in China is a key jouranl of humanities and social sciences in China, and a journal indexed by Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database and Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Citation Database.

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