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project mark COMPARATIVE LITERATURE IN CHINA Vol.112, No.3, 2018
cover Academic Frontier: Cultural Semiotics
Editor’s Words: Humans are Seeker of Significance Zhao Yiheng
An Approach to the Study of Semioethics in the Context of Globalization: Centered on the Chinese Pre-Qin Classics Wang Xiaoying
Zhu Dong
A Study on the “Third-Degree Segregation” of Fantasy Literature: A Discussion with Zhao Yiheng Fang Xiaoli
Double-Mechanism of Metaphor-Metonymy: From a Semiotic Perspective Peng Jia
Tang Li
The Confusion between “Judgment of Beauty” and “Philosophy of Art” in Chinese Academia Lu Zhenglan
Zhao Yiheng
Translation Studies
The Reconstruction of Narratives in Chinese Supernatural Fiction: A Case Study of Samuel Wells Williams’s Translation of Liao Zhai Zhang Qiang
Relation to and Alienation from Chinese Culture in Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio Translated by Song Deli Qiao Yuan
Ezra Pound’s Translation of and Introduction to the Chinese Traditional Poetic Theory “Xing” Gao Bo
Sino-Foreign Literary Relations
From Biography of Chuan Xiang to Chun Xiang: The Transnational Restatement of a Korean Literary Text and Its Significance Liu Ge
Wang Guangdong
Fantasy and Punishment: A Study on Modern Koreans' Shanghai Travel Notes by Centering on the Writings about Women Cui Changle
Chen Huayan
The Influence of Animal Narrative in Buddhist Scriptures on Chinese Conversational Narrative of Animals Yuan Wenguang
China Rediscovered in Boris Akunin's Works: Historical Narration and Cultural Memory Tian Hongmin
Lukács’ Literary Thought in China: A Review and a Revelation of Its Reception Yang Lin
Zhang xueli
The Acceptance of Wagner’s “Das Gesamtkunstwerk” by Russian Symbolists Zheng Tiwu
Mu Azhen
Relationship between Intellectuals and Political Authority Constructed by the Magazine of Aurore University: The Image of Medieval French Poet François Villon as a Point of Departure Yang Zhen
Cultural Salvation in the Ages of Rootlessness and Banishment: A Case Study of Hong Kong and Taiwanese Intellectuals’ Reception of Existentialism Liu Yajing
A Review on Studies of Modern Chinese Literature in the English World Jiang Zhiqin
A Review on The Translation Zone: A New Comparative Literature Gao Fang
Wang Tianyu
A Review on Comparative Literature from the Interdisciplinary Perspective He Mingxing