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project mark COMPARATIVE LITERATURE IN CHINA Vol.111, No.2, 2018
cover Academic Frontier: Comparative Studies of Sino-Western Narrative Traditions
Editor’s Words Fu Xiuyan
Narrative Traditions Fu Xiuyan
The Decline of Chinese Chapter Novels under the Influence of Western Literature Zhao Yanqiu
Witchcraft Transformation and the Different Narrative Tradition between Chinese and Greek and Hebrew Myths Zhang Kaiyan
Key Word:A New Way of Comparative Studies of Sino-Western Narratology Liu Yalu
Uniqueness instead of Superiority: Comparative Studies of Sino-Western Fictional Narrative Yang Zhiping
Comparative Studies of Sino-Western Poetic Narrative and Two Main Traditions of Chinese Lyrical Narrative Zhou Xingtai
The Narrative of Chinese Traditional Dramas and a Comparison of Sino-Western Narrative Youyang Jianglin
A Comparative Study of Sino-Western Folklore Narrative Zeng Bin
Translation Studies
Shelley Perceived by the Youth of New Literature and Arts as Exhibited by Campus Periodicals in the Republic of China Zhang Jing
Literary Translation in “Post-Cultural Revolution” Context: Ba Jin’s Translation of My Past and Thoughts Yao Mengze
Translation and Reception of Modern Chinese Literature in Poland Chen Lifeng
Sino-Foreign Literary Relation
Overseas Reception of Chinese Science Fiction and Preference of Western Readership as Exhibited by the Reception of Liu Cixin’s Three-Body Problem in US Liu Ge
Li Yun
Li Er’s “ A Mute Voice “Rewriting Chekhov’s “The Lady with a Little Dog “ Xu Xiaoyu
Rereading Lu Ling’s Children of the Rich from the Phenomenology of Mind Wang Xiaoping
An Interpretation of Ancient Chinese Myths and Early Immortal Stories of Death-Revival Belief Gou Bo
Comparative Literature in South Korea as Perceived by a Chinese Visiting Scholar Zhao Weirong
A Review on A Study of the Reaction of the Intellectuals in Southern China to Catholicism in Early and Middle Qing Dynasty Li Shixue
A Review on Sino-Foreign Literary Exchange: Sino-French Volume Du Xinyuan
A Review on The Future of Comparative Literature: A Report on the Status Quo of Comparative Literature in US Jiao Pengshuai