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project mark COMPARATIVE LITERATURE IN CHINA Vol.106, No.1, 2017
Academic Frontier:Literature and Intellectual History (I)
Editor’s Note Zhang Hui
The Scholar-Image in Goethe’s Faust:A Pre-Modern Illustration of “Modernity without Restraint” Gu Yu
Beautiful Thinking: Poetic Episteme in European Modernism Stephan Kammer
Caesar’s Crime and Punishment? A Reading of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Peng Lei
The English Quarrel of 17-18th Centuries and China:
——Focus on Temple and Swift’s Writings on China
Cheng Guiming
Translation Studies
A Critical Revisit to André Lefevere’s Translation Theory Geng Qiang
Mapping and Redefining Readers of Translated Chinese Literature: A Case Study of Chinese Literature Zheng Ye
An Exploration of Value-Based Thinking in Hanan’s Translation:
A Case Study of the English Version of Courtesans and Opium
Liu Xiaohui
Zhu Yuan
Sino-Foreign Literary Relations
Cultutal Nihilism, Historical Agnosticism, and the Illusion of Salvation:
Cross-Cultural (Re-)Writing in Eileen Chang's Love in a Fallen City
Wang Xiaoping
Chinese’s New Poetry’s Borrowing from English Romanticism and the Practice of “Cultural Nationalism”:
Focusing on the Poetics and Poetry of New Poet Zhu Xiang
Cui Dan
Li Zeng
Shanghai Jewish Refugees’ Theater and Cultural Identity Construction Gao Xiaoqian
The Chinese and American Image as Symbols in A Slow Boat to China Zhang Xiaoling
Disenchantment and Reconstruction: A Study on Writings about Norman Bethune in New Immigrant Chinese Literature in Canada Peng Guichang
Stefan George and French Symbolism Yang Hongqin
Reviews and Reports
A Review on Li Shixue’s A Collective Theses on Sino-Foreign Literary Relations Jiang Xiangyan
A Review on Wang Li’s Traditional Stories and Foreign Legends:
——A Comparative Study on Literary Motifs
Wang Xianzhao
A Review on Yang Lixin’s Aesthetics of Virginia Woolf’s Fiction and Visual Arts Chen Weiyan
A Report of the First Session of the 22th Congress of International Comparative Literature Association in Shenzhen Zhang Xiaohong
A Report of the 7th Sino-American Comparative Literature Seminar Chen Dan
A Report of the Opening Ceremony of and the Conference
for Xie Tianzhen Research Material Center of Medio-Translatology of Comparative Literature
Lan Hongjun