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project mark COMPARATIVE LITERATURE IN CHINA Vol.109, No.4, 2017
Academic Frontier:Avant-Garde Literature in 20th Century
Editor’s Note Qiao Guoqiang
On Some Basic Issues in the Theory of Avant-Garde Qiao Guoqiang
A Preliminary Review on Japanese Avant-Garde Literature Qiu Yafen
Revisiting Vorticism as a British Avant-Garde Movement Zhang Helong
A Glimpse into the German Avant-Garde Narrative Literature Yang Jin
An Analysis of the Avant-Garde Features in Alice Munro’s Early Writing through an Interpretation of “The Office” Wang Lan
Huang Chuan
Avant-Gardism is a Neo-Formalism:An Analysis of G. Apollinaire’s Poetry Chen Yuan
Russian Avant-Garde Poetry Rong Jie
“Ma Yuan’s Narrative Trick” and the Fictionality in Contemporary Chinese Avant-Garde Fiction Jiang Yuqin
Translation Studies
On Translations of The New Trends of Literature and Art in Hong Kong Zhao Xifang
The “Invisible” Source: On the Role of English-Japanese Integrated Readers in Zhou Zuoren’s Early Translations by Examining His Translation of The Gold Bug Zhou Min
Sino-Foreign Literary Relations
A Discussion and Verification of Chun Meng Suo Yan to Be a Japanese Novel in Chinese Shi Ye
The Transformation of Japanese Literati’s View of Chinese Classical Popular Fiction since Edo Period: Based on Prefaces and Postscripts of Fiction Liu Xuan
Comparative Reading and Exploiting Classics: A Deep Investigation from The Gospel According to Mark to Revenge II by Lu Xun Jiang Yongguo
Studies of Overseas Chinese Literature
The Relations between Cross-Border Travel and Wen Rui’an’s Wu Xia Novels Jin Jin
English Diaspora Literature Written by Chinese Writers in North America and Their Literary Traditions: An Analysis of Ha Jin and Yan Li’s Literary Works Cai Xiaohui
Telling and Showing: “True” India in V.S. Naipaul’s Travel Writing Zhao Sasa
The Empty Signified: The Tribulation of a Chinese in China and a Discussion on Imagology Wang Qian
Reviews and Reports
A Review on Nie Youjun’s The Eyes of the Other Places in Japanology Yan Shaodang
Pluralistic Possibility of New Paradigm of Foreign Literature Research in China:
A Review on 12-Volume The Academic History of Foreign Literary Studies in China
Lin Chen
An Inter-Cultural Dialogue: A Companion to American Literature Wu Na
A Report for 12th Annual Congress of Chinese Comparative Literature
A Report for the Forum of the Frontiers of Comparative Literature Held in Tongji University Zhu Jingyu
A Report for Symposium on Sinology and Translating &. Dissemination of Chinese Classics Yang Lixue