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Chinese’s New Poetry’s Borrowing from English Romanticism and the Practice of “Cultural Nationalism”: Focusing on the Poetics and Poetry of New Poet Zhu Xiang

Cui Dan, Li Zeng

Chinese new poetry has been deeply influenced by English Romanticism, and thus deserves a careful and detailed analysis. Among the representative new poets, Zhu Xiang sets a typical example both in poetics and practices that has absorbed the essential characteristics of English romantic poetry, ranging from the philosophical thoughts, Scottish ballads, nurture in nature, magnificent imagination, sensuous beauty, etc. Adhering to the principle of “learning from sources Chinese and foreign, ancient and contemporary” and favoring English Romantic poetry, Zhu Xiang achieves “cultural nationalism” by composing Chinese new poetry in skillful use of unique Chinese imagery characters in terms of form, sound, the Chinese ancient sagas as well as legends in the combination of English poetic heritage. The study on Zhu Xiang’s acceptance and fuse of English romanticism and the fulfillment of his “cultural nationalism” can be taken as a major case in exploration of Chinese intellectuals’ insistence on self nationality and cultural independence to resist excessive westernization and Europeanization.