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The Influence of Animal Narrative in Buddhist Scriptures on Chinese Conversational Narrative of Animals

Yuan Wenguang

As an important part of Chinese literary narration, animal narration already existed in the Pre-Qin period. The animal narration in pre-Qin period consists of objective realistic narration and personification narration, of which the personification narration is more distinctive. In the personification narration of animals in the pre-Qin period, however, it is very rare for animals to make human speech and talk with people. From Wei-Jin Dynasties, narration in which animals speak and talk to people emerged in a variety of literary classics. The article holds that after the Wei-Jin Dynasties, the conversational narration between human and animals, which emerged in a variety of Chinese literary classics, is not the result of the development of Chinese animal narration, instead, it is affected by its counterpart in Buddhist scriptures.