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A Discussion and Verification of Chun Meng Suo Yan to Be a Japanese Novel in Chinese

Shi Ye

Is ChunMengSuo Yan an erotic novel of Ming Dynasty or a Japanese novelinChinese? This is always a controversialquestion in the academic circles. Besides, there are few monographsdiscussing about it. This article bases itself on ChunMengSuo Yan’s three important editions and has a discussion in three aspects: firstly, the preface toChunMengSuo Yanmentions You Xian Ku, which has no record in Chinese bibliographyfrom Tang to late Qing Dynasty; furthermore, the author, the person who wrote the preface and the creation motive of ChunMengSuo Yanare mainly fictitious; thirdly,this novel is full of “ Japanese-Chinese”, ”Japanese style “ and “Japanese habit”. It comes tothe conclusion thatChunMengSuo Yanis a Japanese novel in Chinesepassed off as a Ming erotic novel.