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From Biography of Chuan Xiang to Chun Xiang: The Transnational Restatement of a Korean Literary Text and Its Significance

Wang Guangdong

Biography of Chuan Xiang is a Korean literary classic written on the basis of folk stories, which is widely spread on the Korean Peninsula. Chunxiang is a restatement and re-creation of this story by a Chinese writer. Through the replacement and reconstruction of mythological archetype, the "transnational restatement" from Biography of Chuan Xiang to Chunxiang, on the one hand, inherits the national spirit of folk culture. On the other hand, it presents the complex connection and spiritual thinking between intellectuals, tradition and folk culture under the background of East Asian culture. The writer's "transnational restatement" and cultural imagination are also closely related to China’s contemporary issues and Western feminism.