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The Confusion between “Judgment of Beauty” and “Philosophy of Art” in Chinese Academia

Lu Zhenglan, Zhao Yiheng

In its history, aesthetics has been associated loosely or closely with the philosophy of art. Often art is discussed under the rubric of the word “aesthetics”, since it could be understood as the studies of “sensitive perceiving”, “beauty” or “fine art”. Its Chinese translation is a loan word from Japanese Kanji, both are non-phonetic. Once it is translated into an ideogramic word, its meaning is fixed on “the study of beauty”. Hence the great difficulties in the study of art today. It has been a serious headache for long years, but its seriousness is now acute when facing the post-modern cultural studies. The argument in China about the so-called pan-aesthticisation is a good example. Is it caused by too much beauty or too much art? The latest socio-cultural issues do not allow us to be ambiguous as we have been in the last century.